Contracting and Payroll Services

Stealth Recruitment are committed to delivering you an exceptional service both from a career and payroll management perspective. We provide a highly professional and efficient online payroll service on behalf of our clients, making the recruitment process hassle free. Today we explore the possibilities and how Stealth Recruitment can help.

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Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - January 2015

The last Bogan Rant sure ruffled the feathers and caused me to grin like a shot fox at the influx of creative responses, words of encouragement, constructive criticism and the occasional abuse! We even had a Bogan Retort from HR professional “Sheila” who has asked for recruiters to show them the respect they don’t show us!

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Readers Response to December Bogan Rant

Human Resources - Empire Building & Hidden Agenda Ninjas

As promised, I am publishing responses made to the last "Bogan Rant".

The response was astronomical to say the least - it certainly did raise debate. I was absolutely blown away with the emails (over 320 responses) and phone calls.

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Sheila's Retort to Bogan McShane

Sheila's Retort to Bogan McShane's - Rant Response to Human Resources - Empire Building and Hidden Agenda Ninja's

Ping. Another email alert, whilst I am in a weekly HR meeting, bored as hell and hoping someone will phone in a bomb threat. My team is going on and on about recruitment and agencies. I glance at my phone and see it is the monthly Stealth newsletter email. As I am bored as bat sh*t I decide to glance and see what the Bogan has to say for the month and by the title he certainly has my attention.

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Outer Space Mining – To Infinity and Beyond!

We all know last year wasn't a particularly great year for the mining industry, anywhere in the world….. So now that we're heading into 2015, will we be looking towards a slow start to the industry worldwide or should we be looking up to the stars?

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We’ve accepted the social media challenge!! Join us in getting 2K!

In this ever changing technological day and age, being connected and communicating online is vastly superseding older traditional methods of staying in touch. The mining industry and the recruitment industry are not immune to this shift, allowing us to use these mediums to keep in contact with all our current and new candidates and clients.

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To all lovers of Aussie Rules (and how could you not be!), Stealth Recruitment run an annual footy tipping competition! I know, how awesome is that!? Read on for info on our 2015 Competition.

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Keen to learn more about Stealth Recruitment? Why not hear about us straight from the people who matter. You! Click here to read testimonials from those we have helped to find their ideal role.

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