6 December 2011

Is it common sense to be a Scrooge?

Is it common sense to be a Scrooge?

Christmas is approaching at the speed of a rabid greyhound. And this year there seems to be even more scrutiny than usual on the purse strings.

Media outlets are slamming the 'Australian Public' (as if to exclude themselves from this sordid group) as a bunch of cane leaning, top hating wearing, tiny Tim hating scrooges.

If I was the person who broke that news to you I sincerely apologise. It would seem that your aversion to consumerism is destroying the economy. And as it was on morning TV, clearly it must be true.

But here is something for you to ponder as you sit down to ogle this year's 'entertaining' Summer TV line-up (and notice its eerie resemblance to last year's). Does saving for a raining day make you a Scrooge or a realist?

Companies rationalise expenditure on an annual basis. Regardless of the financial climate you will find very few items on annual expenses with the words 'Light Up Reindeer Tie' next to them. If it's rational for a business unit to avoid unnecessary expenditure, why does the same logic not ring true for the family unit?

When it comes to Christmas spending this year will you be spending up a storm or joining the 'Australian Public' at our cane waving ceremony?