6 December 2011

Sense, Cents or Sensibility?

Sense, Cents or Sensibility?

So you're sitting at your desk (in your truck, on a random mound of dirt, inside your Tauntaun) on a Friday afternoon and you start to reminisce about how much you used to love coming to work.

Hold up. Why Used to?

With so many great opportunities out there is it time to ask your self the most important question. Is it Sense, Cents or Sensibility that ties you to your current job.


So you have an amazing support team, the dollars are good, the roster is great and you have a shot at career progression. Fantastic! Put your head back down and tell yourself 20 times a day that you're a lucky human being.


Oh how the Golden Handcuffs chafe. While an attractive pay packet certainly eases the pain of going to work, it won't fix a bad situation. Day in and Day out we hear from people who have gotten themselves into a situation where they are being paid above market in a job that they don't enjoy. Does it make sense to chase the cents?


Your boss is okay most of the time. Your pay is okay. The company seems reasonably stable. You're bored some of the time but not all. Although this category makes up a large majority of the workforce, it may in fact be the most difficult category. There are no real reasons to stay, no major reasons to leave. You make the sensible decision to stay in a role that just makes the grade. 


Do you have Sense, Cents, or Sensibility? At Stealth we are focussed on helping as many people as possible move into the Sense category. We're happiest when the professionals we work with love their jobs. Let us help you be one of the lucky few.

Tell us which category you fit into for advice on the best course of action to suit YOU. 

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