9 July 2011

From Hero to Zero

From Hero to Zero
Running, in my personal opinion, should be reserved for times when somebody is chasing you. Maybe practice a couple of times a year to ensure the knife wielding bandit or skimpy you insulted and 4 of her finest body guards aren't going to catch you and rearrange your face to a shape they approve of. But all in all, 'Calm the heck down!' and walk.
Despite my advice our fearless leader decided it would be a really wonderful idea to wake up early in the morning, in the dead of winter and run 42km. Now perhaps his omniscience was defective on the day or maybe he anticipated the outcome and thought 'Consequences be damned'. (Because apparently he is now also theatrical). Either way, this venture, like so many of his athletic pursuits pitted his mind against his body. For reference his body wins every time. Its ultimate weapon is the month of crippling pain that follows such an event.
The bright side of the story is that he's not alone. Sitting in our office at the doorstep of the Gabba, there are plenty of hobbling, partially crippled AFL players for him to commiserate with. With a foot that has been declared 'stuffed', among other things that I'm not sure I can say out loud, much less print, Michael is likely to don the very attractive 'Boot Brace'. 
Now all Jealousy aside, because I know you want one, is there something in your life that inspires the go hard and then go home crippled philosophy?
Do you work an 80 hour week and then fall in a dilapidated heap? Do you have a hospital grade clean or pigs squalor cleaning routine? Hard work is not without its rewards and it's certainly not without its consequences. What sacrifices do you make to win the game?
So for those of you who find the foot brace story as funny as I do, here is your chance to participate. If 20 of you email in with the word 'Unicorn' I'm going to 'borrow' Michael's foot brace and cover it in pink unicorn fabric. Support a worthy cause. And pray that Michael doesn't read this article before I hit publish on the Newsletter.  Melissa@stealthrecruit.com.au