21 July 2011

Do You Know Who’s Who in the Zoo?

Do You Know Who’s Who in the Zoo?
The Six degrees of separation theory states that any two people in the world can be connected by just six steps. One person who knows another, who knows another, who ate lunch with a mouse who lived in the wall of another person. Well, a little more solid than that. But you catch my drift.
In the world of mining, and if TV has educated me correctly, some towns in America where inbreeding is common place, the degrees of separation have slipped down to around two. (Something akin to the daytime temperatures down south. Stay Warm!!)
And who knows how to play the game better than somebody who has worked in the field.You!
This brings us a story about a man named Bill Bourke. A strapping young lad who joined the recruitment world for a year. Here's what he has to say. His Stealth Story:
After spending 14 years working as Geologist in mining and resource definition roles I wanted to do something different but stay within the mining industry.  I had done a lot of internal recruitment building my own teams, so thought I would give agency recruiting a go. I really enjoyed my time at Stealth Recruitment.

Being a Geologist made a big difference to my success.  Being able to understand and converse with hiring managers and internal recruiters in more detail about the role and expectations, and then identify suitable candidates a lot quicker.
After a year of playing 2 degrees of separation Bill has decided to head back to Geo Land leaving an empty desk and some very sad faces... (His desk looks sad. Can Desks Look sad??)
If you're ready to give Recruitment a go, call Michael McShane on 07 3910 0011 or email your CV to michael@stealthrecruit.com.au