Preparation vs Premeditation

The line between Preparation and Premeditation probably isn't defined as fine. Not a small scratching in the pavement, not a series of ribbons tied strategically along the old forest path but a shiny, seen from space, super highway laid clearly in the path.


In every family, every sporting club, every workplace and in more than the occasional job interview, there is examples of those whose actions seem so deliberate and calculated that you may confuse them for a war lord.  


Their intense stare and uncanny compulsion to finish sentences may give you the tip off. But for your quick reference guides, here are some of our top tips on spotting the Premeditated Predator.


They speak more than they listen

If the first time you meet somebody they interrupt you more than once, there might be a really big problem. Are they listening to what you are saying or thinking about what they are going to say next?


They tend to research opinions - Not Facts

I heard that the Kardashian sisters went to Singapore to tell Halogen light bulbs that they are no longer in fashion and as such pink is the colour of the new season and that is why I really want to work for you. You're wearing a pink tie. Pink is in.


They agree with you on an uncanny number of topics

Beware the smiling assassin.  Having too much in common is a sign that someone is buttering you up to throw you on the Barbeque.


Of course for every Premeditator there is also one of our favourite prepared Scouts.


The prepared:


  • Have a copy of that on hand. Just in case they need it
  • Remember your birthday from a conversation last week.
  • Stand their grand but let you win a few too.
  • Know the facts without jumping to conclusions


Are there any Predators lingering in your back yard?