14 September 2011

Rock On - It's our new Website!

After employing the Hundred Monkeys, Hundred Typewriter theory when we first created the website, we decided to find some real live people to help us with the redesign. By the time they had spent a few hours in a room with us they were almost as Cheetah obsessed as we are!

Welcome to not only the new look Stealth Website, but for the first time, the new look Stealth Recruitment - Rock On Newsletter.

All the same features with a new Hunting feel. We'll be updating the site every week with new information, vacancies, competitions and a bird's eye view of the industry.

Keep up with the latest information by subscribing to the RockOn Newsletter.

Please note: The old website was retired with honours and now sleeps soundly in the ether. Where all good (and Bad) websites go to die.