14 September 2011

Tall Tales

Have you ever heard a rumour about yourself and thought, 'And was I there when that happened?' Sometimes I do the most extraordinary things. In fact I've done so many awesome things that I don't actually remember some of them. Now I know how Bear Grylls feels….

In the last couple of months the company rumour mill seems to have been on overdrive. A contractor who once drove past a site heard that once upon a time before he was born somebody's brother used to work on that site and he got a splinter that got infected and his foot fell off. So naturally safety on site must be awful.

Or did you hear about the company who Jackson's son works for that makes men wear skirts when it gets too hot to wear long pants…? (Applicants, please form a line over here)

Some stories venture so far into the outlandish that they would make and interesting series for HBO.

What do you do if you're the unwilling lead in a tall tale? Take heart. Somebody either finds you fascinating, or is extremely jealous of you.

If it's your company suffering from a case of Chicken Little and a falling sky you have a few options. Fight it, Ignore it or Prove them wrong.

Fight It. While it might feel really good at the time. (Like really really Awesome in fact) It rarely works out. You'll be portrayed as defensive, arrogant or any other number of words that the original story teller finds in the thesaurus.

Ignore it. If you're possessed with incredible patience and/ or some ostrich blood, you might choose the ignore it option. Let them dig a hole and wait until it blows over.

Prove them wrong. Now this is my personal favourite. While it bears some similar characteristics to the fight, it's more about getting on with what you do best. Spread word through your channels of how things really work and push the positive rather than responding to the negative. If done right it will have the effect of a fire extinguisher on a candle.


Have you done anything spectacular that you weren't aware of? We'd love to hear about it. Tell us more here.