10 December 2012

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane

Never one to disparage the work of others, I usually offer only support and encouragement for others in the recruitment industry. This month however has tested the last of my resolve and inspired this month's Bogan's Rant.

As the market tightens, our job as Recruitment PROFESSIONALS is naturally becoming more difficult. There are fewer job vacancies, more candidates out there on the market. Work is harder to come by, there are people looking for work with impressive skills who we are unable to help and every Tom, Dick and Harry believes that the mining industry is the answer to their current lack of employment, because they 'really likes rocks'.

That DOES NOTexcuse some of the behaviour that I have seen recently. Some of which I find not just frustrating or ill advised, but personally offensive from one human being to another.

Have a read through some of the correspondence that has been passing between the circling sharks and their prey this month.

" Hi Recruiter

I hope you will be able to work out why I am not suitable for this job based on my training and university degree which are clearly highlighted in my email signature, on all social media and in previous correspondence I have had with your company.

Mining Engineer"

"Hi Candidate

The way our system works is by finding key words, which is why your CV was picked out of tens of thousands on our database. Therefore I think it's unfair to judge us on our ability as recruiters based on an email that has been sent out. As a comparison, if I was to judge your ability as a Mining Engineer based on your sarcastic & juvenile email, I guarantee we would not work with you at all.


"Dear Mining Company

All we recruit for day in day out are estimator appointments within the mining sector meaning we are very specialist and have access to candidates other agencies don't.

I have attached a CV that I am currently representing on interview. He has over 5 years experience in underground gold. They are interviewing through myself for a mine geologist role so thought they would be of interest.


"Dear Recruiter

Although your email is titled "U/G Mine Geologist" I have no idea what you are talking about or how "Estimator appointments" relate to mine geology …

I find the blanket email approach to be both unprofessional and it demonstrates a lack of market knowledge, please take me off your mailing list and delete my details from your files.

Mining Company"

The common theme among these messages is growing sense of anger and hostility between Mining Professionals and a number of Recruitment "Professionals".

Before you accuse me of running naked through my glass house, let me say this is no Soap Box, school yard, 'I'm better than you' attack. I'm not a politician. Do we do the right thing every damn time? Probably not. We're not magic. But we certainly try.

To the loud, short sighted, aggressive "professionals" in the industry who have lost their way all I can say is this: This is somebody's life you are playing with. Not just the title on their CV or an update on their LinkedIn profile. This is how they put food on the table, it's their time away from their family and a massive source of their self esteem.

To our valued candidates: Please be careful what you are doing with your personal information. There are some lost souls out in this world and aggressively un-professional recruiters, who are looking to farm you out to all and sundry (without telling you) as they have already sold their Grandma!

IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT that you are not being treated with respect. Share your story, talk it through with your colleagues. You may be surprised to hear their stories too.

To our valued clients: Don't associate with these recruitment clowns unless you are running a circus. Simple.