10 December 2012

The Season of FOOD

The Season of FOOD The Season of FOOD The Season of FOOD The Season of FOOD

I don't know how the holiday season rolls around in your family, but in the Stealth family we seem to be partaking in the time honoured tradition of mass food consumption. Here is enough evidence of our recent food related outings to make it clear why we need regular exercise!

Korean Barbeque

The words 'All you can eat' quickly triggered the phrase 'challenge accepted' amongst team Stealth. 5 kilos of meat was consumed, mostly by reigning champion, Scott. The victory lap was a slow processional from seat to car.

Cocktail making training

Otherwise known as 'Distract the teacher while I make a lethal concoction'. As part of a day release program for Stealth staff, cocktail making was a leisurely activity for those without 'shaky hand syndrome'.


Also known as 'I'm not really sure what I just ordered'. Never let the fear of eating mystery meat keep you from ordering something new. Stealth Christmas celebrations took a turn for the interesting as we moved through the menu.

End of the world

Okay so the Mayans are probably just a lazy bunch who couldn't be assed extending the calendar. Much like computer programmers and the Y2K bug. But we're going to celebrate in any case. Any suggestions on what kind of food we should stockpile for a potential zombie apocalypse? Please leave word on our Facebook page. We need your advice!