10 December 2012

Why it’s good to be bad

Why it’s good to be bad

Let's cut to the chase. No prelude, no fascinating back story, straight in - Who the heck was riveted to their seat, moved to tears, danced with joy and applauded in delight at the story 'Michael was a well behaved boy who never did anything wrong or unexpected. He never broke the rules, never took a risk and was always polite.' Oh that's right, there was that one person…. What was his name?


For everybody out there who has taken the Reader's Digest, Cliff Notes version to the end of every story ever told, you may have the misconception that the smiling person fading into the end credits is happy because they did something good, worthwhile, righteous even. The Good guy wins the girl, the well behaved child receives praise. What you missed in the extended intro and the middle of that story, is the part that makes it interesting. The large chunk of the movie when they were actually being BAD and having a damn good time doing it.

The Grinch - Was a BAD guy. His antics are hilarious to those with a dry sense of humor. Can you imagine watching 2 hours of well behaved Whoville where nobody misbehaved and everybody was polite. Two words - Paint + Drying

Pirates of the Carribean - Yeah Yeah Good people, sailing ships, blah blah blah. And then there's Pirates. Now we have a story.

Get Him to the Greek - Every Scene of that movie could land you on Santa's naughty list stroking his furry beard. But dear Santa, it looks like fun.

Return of the Jedi - Admit it. You were a little impressed when the Emporer started shooting sparks from his fingers.

No smart alecks, I am not suggesting that you streak past the police station before climbing into a stolen car. I am suggesting that you make decisions that will make you healthy, happy and free from impending legal proceedings. Life's too short to never know what's on the other side of the fence.

Dear Santa,

I've been bad this year. And it was fun!
Please keep your judgemental head shaking to yourself.

The Happiest Person in the room