24 February 2012

99 Percent - How do you react?

If you believe the theory that theory that life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you respond to it, then I have another theory to throw across the rickety rail way of your thought train. Sometimes it's worth slamming on the hand brake, Flintstone peddling backward and taking a minute before you decide what to do with that 99%.


Like the newest gang member responding to a car back firing, sometimes your split second decisions can leave you red faced and eating humble pie for an immeasurable period of time. (Unless you're Chuck Norris, in which case the outcome will be as Chuck Norris intended for it to be.)


So often in recruitment we see the aftermath of a leap of blind faith, a decision made in the heat of the moment or an opportunity missed because no decision was made at all.


Regret is such a bitter pill that we thought we would give you a hand in avoiding it. Here are 5 important questions to ask yourself before shooting from the hip.


Am I ever, if the world freezes over and Camels learn to hop, going to need to talk to this person again?


For every person who dreams of the perfect YouTube worthy confrontation/ resignation, I have 2 stories where it has all gone horribly wrong. People who burn bridges end up living on very small parcels of isolated land.


Are my Ducks in a row?


They don't have to form a perfect parallel line and swish their tale to the beat of a military drum but the guy from Art Attack should at least be able to use a rope, two garbage bags and a match stick to make them look like they form some semblance of order. If you plan to quit your job, should you look for a new one first? If you want to tell somebody what you think of them, can you afford to be unemployed if it backfires? If you plan to jump out of an airplane, is your life insurance up to date?


Is this going to make me tree hugging, kite flying, coke drinking, dance king, sunny day - happy?


You probably don't have to sit on a remote mountain and work out whether choosing the white shoe laces will fit into your five year happiness plan. You should think carefully about the decision you're making and whether ultimately it is going to make you happy. If it's not - what are you doing?


Would I be proud to recount this story to my - overly critical, seems to understand a lot more than she lets on - grandmother the next time I talk to her?


We all have that one person in our lives. The moral compass, that tiny annoying little voice in the back of your head saying 'What would Nana J say?" The morally superior can be so patronising. Perhaps the most annoying part is that they're often right.


Does the shiny 24k gold reward outweigh the potential risk?


For most of us this is the easiest question to answer. We naturally determine the greatest possible reward for the lowest possible risk. If you do however forget to throw the handbrake on before making a decision, you're bound to take a couple of false steps. Look before you leap and make sure you've considered all of the potential costs. (Money, time, emotional investment.)


Leap away. And for the Gangstas out there who were hoping for some advice for their problems, the car back fires sound like gun shots, gun shots tend to sound fake. It's called ghetto hear. Hang in there.