16 January 2012

The Muppets - Who is speaking for you?

The Muppets - Who is speaking for you?


Muppet- a person who defies explanation with regard to common sense and logic, exuding an air of confidence that is mutually exclusive to that of their accomplishments or ability

Urban Dictionary.com


For those of you who adored the Muppets as a child - or those of you who have been dragged kicking and screaming by their children to see Hollywood's newest incarnation - The Muppets are here to provide a timely lesson in public image.


Muppets have been given a bad rap of late - Securing their place in pop culture as the brainless, free-wheeling characters who offer little, other than temporary amusement.  But is it really Kermit's fault?


Waking up every morning to have a disgruntled actor place their hand somewhere inappropriate, steal his power of speech and ability to control his own limbs and move his mouth in time with diatribe so inane its borderline criminal activity. The wolf taking full advantage of its sheep's clothing and dragging his name through the mud along the way.


Could Kermit turn his public image around by simply looking a little more closely at the people he allows to speak for him?


There are some situations in human life where we find ourselves not able to speak for ourselves and the recruitment process is often one of these times. First introductions, lengthy/ complicated negotiations, and nameless/ faceless application processes can leave you feeling mute.


If you ask the right questions and pick the right recruitment partner, you can amplify the power of your voice. (And maybe even throw in a nice song and dance routine) If you don't ask the right questions you may end up looking like, well, a Muppet.


 Here are 5 important questions/tips to ask of your recruiter, before sending your CV!


  1. Ask them to tell you where they are sending your resume before sending it to everyone?
  2. Are they specialist/technical or generalist recruiters? Their background.
  3. Does everybody love them/are they reputable? Are there testimonials to support this? Ask around.
  4. Do they demonstrate a committed to helping you? Do they listen to your ideals?
  5. Do they have an expansive network? Really..........?

Know who has your CV, who is representing you, who they are representing you to and what they are saying about you! Don't let someone else's words and actions make you look like a Muppet.


Choose a recruitment partner you can trust. Don't deal with Muppets or you risk looking like one!!


Give Stealth Recruitment a call and ask us the 5 Most Important Questions.