3 July 2012

Alphabetical Underwear - AKA Why my access to Google should be restricted

Alphabetical Underwear - AKA Why my access to Google should be restricted

Have you ever stood on the precipice that separates organised from straight jacket - out damn spot, crazy? Take a seat my friend and let me tell you how the crazy half live.

In a frustrated storm, racing around the house in an attempt to find the garage door opener - for the third time this week - I realised that just maybe, I am a little OCD. I like my keys to sit on the hook, next to my wallet, next to my phone, connected to its charger, so that when I leave in the morning I don't have to do the 20 minute 'What have I forgotten?' checklist.

When you look at it on the broader scale of organisational insanity, my compulsion for placing my keys in the same spot each day is probably not so acute. Much like watching Jerry Springer to feel better about your own family, I decided to Google the extremities of OCD so that I could feel secure that my compulsion was merely an endearing quirk and not a clinical study.

What I found could be abbreviated to fill War and Peace. Everything from the people that spin around 4 times before they can enter a room to people that labelled their underwear and then stored it alphabetically. Strange, but true.

I tend to think the location of my keys isn't going to land me in a straight jacket at any time in the near future, but it does get you thinking doesn't it?

Not so far from the realms of this OCD behaviour is the theory of 'comfort zones'. More socially acceptable than labelling your underwear - true. Everybody has a comfort zone, for some of it this is the refuge of a familiar food, friend or family member, for others it might be their job or the confines of the suburb they live in.

The question that weighs on my mind at the end of this hour of procrastination is - What do our strange habits and embedded comfort zones keep us from doing, achieving and seeing? Are we prisoners to our own routine, going through the motions day after day like the cast of a Broadway musical? Would a change to the slightest detail, make a significant difference to our lives? You be the judge.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy a label maker. Make this the day that you do something to shake up your routine.