29 October 2012

Where your CV has been sent this week – And other horror stories….

Where your CV has been sent this week – And other horror stories….

Gather around kids and turn to the flashlight app of your favourite digital device, as we share with you this week's horror story "Where your CV has been sent this week".

It was a cool day in an otherwise warm month when young David decided to drive his vintage car to work. Donning his work clothes and heading towards the door, David loudly declared "What a great day outside!" David is an Idiot. The universe quickly squashed David's dreams when he discovered a flat tyre .

David kicked the cr*p out of the car, changed tyre, regained his cool and then returned to his regular drive. He arrives safely at work and walks to the building without annoying the brown snake that has been playing chicken with him for the past month. This my dear friends is where this story really begins.

Anyone need a bathroom break before we continue? Anyone?

Okay good.

David walks in to his office smiles and waves like the Penguins taught him to do, saunters to the coffee maker to get reacquainted with the land of the caffeinated. Just when the life preserving liquid was about to touch his parched lips David's boss enters stage right and asks to speak to him.

"This can't be good." Now for all the Unicorn supporters out there who are no doubt saying "But if he said the day was great and then it was bad, then if he says it's bad it must be good." Let me just.. You know what? Just no. The universe doesn't work that way. The universe practices sadism.

So David enters the office with an accompaniment of unadulterated fear, sits down and hears a phrase that nearly knocks him out cold. "David, I see you're looking for work."

Unbeknownst to David his CV has been sent to not only the one job that he applied for, but 24 different companies. And girls and boys do you know what the best part is? Those 24 includes the company that he is working for now.

So David finds himself out of favour and soon finds himself out of work. When he starts to apply for a new job, nobody will take him seriously because they have pasted a giant tyre kicker label over his name.

All because one recruiter was unethical. Because somebody decided that they knew better than David what the right thing was for him. Because somebody, cared more about making a fee than doing what was right.

So David went to grief counselling to deal with his urge to punch random pedestrians. He is doing much better now and Stealth Recruitment were able to find him a new job. (For the happy ending lovers)


Here's our conundrum - We refuse to be unethical. We will not send your CV to any company until we have discussed the opportunity with you. We will not tell you that we have magical connections to a company that we do not.

Although thousands would.

We will give you as much information as we can. We will expect you to do your due diligence and research yourself as well.

Although thousands would not.


We will not change the way we operate to beat others at a game we do not wish to play.


We may however add grief counselling to our services for those who were unlucky enough to encounter one of the thousands before they encounter one of us. 

If you are on the Hunt for Work, here is our advice to you. 

  1. Don't accept "I'll Try" or "I think so" when it comes to the important stuff
  2. Be specific about what you are looking for, what you want and what you don't want
  3. Don't do business with somebody you don't trust. Never is this more important than when it comes to your career.
  4. Ask other people to make a commitment to you. If they're not even willing to swear over their uneaten lunch, chances are you should steer clear.

To our clients

  1. Don't reward bad behaviour with your business.
  2. Unsolicited resumes damage your brand. A lack of response from your HR team may leave a sour taste when the resume was not submitted to you correctly in the first place.
  3. Ask candidates questions about the agencies you work with. It's good to have an outsiders perspective