18 September 2012

Great Candidates Grow on Trees

There are some weeks in your life when you feel like you're on a constant loop. There are some weeks in your life when you feel like you're on a constant loop. This has been that week. Like a perpetual glitch in the matrix I am reliving the same conversation over and over and over and over and over again. And it always begins with the magic phrase "It's easy to find great candidates".

No doubt there are people out there actively seeking work. Some of them are even great candidates who were caught in a bad situation when their company began to struggle. Some of them are just starting out in their careers. And an even greater number are looking to get that foot in the door. But are they the candidates for you?

Here's what we have to say on the subject.

To our clients

  1. If only you had your own ObiWan to tell you that these aren't the droids you are looking for. That's where I come into the picture. Now is the time to screen your new employees even more carefully. They have some amazing experience on paper, they're your Prince Charming dream come true. So why were they let go from their previous role. Make sure their story is legit.
  2. It's a skills shortage. Not a people shortage. Does the candidate match the skills that are seeking?
  3. Stay in touch. At Stealth Recruitment we're interested and invested in your company. It doesn't matter if you have 50 roles or 0 that you are working on, we like to catch up and see how you're going. It's about relationships and don't just want to be your fair weather friends!!

To our candidates

  1. If you're looking to move on, don't assume the grass is greener, ask the question. (If you're not sure we're happy to have a chat)
  2. You are not "just" an anything. Make sure that your skills and experience stand out. If you're a seagull, paint yourself pink.
  3. Don't flood the market. Choose an agency to work with and monitor where your application is being sent.  Your CV arriving on a hiring manager's desk more than once does not bode well for your organisational skills.
  4. Does your recruitment consultant know what they are talking about? Really!!? Will they give you the time of day?
  5. Be prepared to be flexible. Take a different roster, change your title up, negotiate on salary. Being flexible will make you a more desirable employee.
  6. What a great opportunity! If you find yourself in a place you've never been before make the most of it. Take the chance to take stock and work out what you really want.


At Stealth Recruitment we work with every company as it was our own and with every candidate to provide the best possible advice. If you're on the hunt for a new talent for your mining team or a new opportunity for your career, give us a call. Ask us the hard questions.

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