5 August 2013

I solemnly swear

I solemnly swear I solemnly swear

With an election officially called I thought it might be a great time to complain about this watch that I bought that doesn't actually seem to keep the time. Wait, let me lead you down this path and see how those two thoughts are connected.

A couple of years ago I bought this amazing watch. Every time you move it recharges, fancy this, shiny that. You get the picture. Only problem is, just like Pinocchio himself I didn't take into consideration all of the strings. Now, when you buy a shiny watch it's generally understood that you don't then go and run or ride hundreds of kms while wearing it. That's why you have a sports watch. What is its rightful purpose? Work. What physical activity do I do at work, apart from when I'm out visiting you? Generally not a lot. Aside from my wild gesticulating that would make an Italian family proud I don't tend to move around too much in the office. Long story short, my watch thinks I'm dead.

So shiny watch in your ridiculously well decorated box that I threw out because I hate clutter, your reputation has now to me been irrevocably damaged. I have absolutely no faith that you will do what you promised to do.

Now you're wondering where that mystical link is and how in the world this all relates back to the world of recruitment? I'm quite glad that you asked.

Some time ago now the country voted for a Government. Let me stress that, a Government, not a Prime Minister. A government that had promised a list of things so long that Santa couldn't print it out for them. And as I wander around talking to people here at Diggers, I've heard enough stories in an hour to cross off so many items on that list that the metaphorical paper it's written on is worthless. How effective can you be as a government if your people have no faith in your word? In your reputation?

I won't engender within this strange article my thoughts and opinions on the sitting government. It's not polite dinner conversation. What I do hope to do is bring to the front of your mind a very important lesson learned at this country's expense.

Your reputation is the single most important thing that you posses. Do you deliver what you promise? (My watch surely doesn't) Do you say what you really mean? Are you doing the right things by the people that rely on you?

In the world of recruitment, particularly in such a small industry, we see all the time that your reputation can be forged from your very first vacation placement, from the first time that you do or don't finish a job perfectly.

What are you going to change today to become a stronger man or woman of your word?

And what can we do as a country to ensure we our next sitting government delivers on the promises that they make? Looking forward to going to the polls. It's your chance to decide whether your government has earned its reputation of not keeping its promises or wether you're willing to trust them with another term.