19 February 2013

Bogan Fan Club - Card Carrying Clients

Bogan Fan Club - Card Carrying Clients

We received the following message from the Executive Director of a Mining Company and thought we'd share it with you. 

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Dear Bogan,

Thanks for your interesting Dump Run suggestion in the last edition of the Rock On Newsletter. I can't say I'm a big fan of stationary, but I think your article also touched on an even bigger issue that our industry faces. I've noticed that we've been invaded by charlatans that have no respect for the values of our trade. True, some of our values are tricky to understand; some examples are: get the ute bogged in the bush, pay a carton; Miss a flight, pay a carton; indulge in some wet mess biffo, have a permanent holiday. I know there are countless others.

More importantly our industry has developed a general sense of fairness and integrity that most people in our game have grown to understand.

But alas, there are a new generation of punks that have invaded our industry that fail to grasp our sense of fairness, values and integrity. In my experience, these groups are usually service providers which of course includes your favourite group; Recruitment Companies.

I remember years ago there was a fairly small group of companies that specialised in mining recruitment, usually run by guys and girls who had been in the game themselves and appreciated the values of the industry. But encouraged by the boom times of 2005 - 2007, every two-bit Johnny thought he could get into the mining recruitment game and make a fast buck. You know who these companies are - and they're ripping us off, pulling a big fat fee for piss poor service. Worse some of them are using unscrupulous tactics to generate that fee (trust me people - check your T&C's). I can only imagine what they're doing to the poor punters who get sucked into applying for their jobs. Us mining people must be mugs for letting them get away with it for so long.


But the time is now! Time to tell those fly-by-nighters to get their hands dirty or piss off. Go out in the bush and learn some mining industry values, maybe even learn what some of us do! Get some time up, work hard and pay a few cartons.

In the meantime… Dump 'em! The time for recruitment company rip-offs is over.

Yours Sincerely,

Curly Mullet


Thank you for everyone who has shown their support. I shall continue in my quest.