19 February 2013

Scott Parsons and the World's Greatest Shave

Scott Parsons and the World's Greatest Shave

The Boss has spoken and "THE FRO HAS GOT TO GO!"

Please sponsor our Senior Consultant Scott Parsons he's being brave/stupid or maybe a little of both and doing the World's Greatest Shave this March! That's right peeps the Afro is going so if you want see photos and video of Scott's freshly shaved head next newsletter, Please sponsor him! CLICKY HERE! The target is $1000

Did you know that today, 31 Australians will get the news they have blood cancer. Your donation will help the Leukaemia Foundation support them from the moment they are diagnosed, free of charge. The money you give will also help to fund Australia's best blood cancer research. Plus you get the satisfaction of seeing Scott's head get shaved!!!!!


Thanks in advance for all you help guys,


Cheers - Scott