19 February 2013

Tell Him He's Dreamin'!

Tell Him He's Dreamin'!

One of the first questions I ask when talking to candidates, and I talk to a lot, is 'What is your ideal job?'

I ask them where they're working at the moment and what roster and salary they're on, but these logistical questions are nowhere near as important as the first. Because let's face it, if I find a job for you doing exactly what you already do, in exactly the same place, for exactly the same money, then I'm a pretty bloody average recruiter aren't I?

Usually people respond pretty well to this question. E.g. 'Michael, I'm looking for a role FIFO out of Perth, Senior Resource or above, not concerned on commodity, looking for a stable company to stay for at least a few years.' Perfect. Now I have something to work with.

What puts the itching powder in my Driza-bone is when the response comes back, 'Michael, I have 3 months experience in the field so I'm not looking to do that anymore. I will need a role that works from my home base in Paraguay and allows me to have a 2 hour nap break during the day. I get tired you know?'

You laugh now. But if only I could share with you just how unrealistic some people's expectations of the world are! Every time this happens I have a flashback so clear of the cinematic brilliance that is The Castle. The movie that brought us the line "Tell Him He's Dreamin'!" Because if Superintendent wages for graduate level roles is the expectation then he really and truly is.

One of the things we take pride in as a nation is that hard work is rewarded. In fact I'd go as far to say it's unAustralian to ask for something youhaven't earned.

To be fair this bout of delusion is not limited to people seeking work. Sometimes, and I know this will make me unpopular, our clients have some pretty far out there dreams as well.

So is there a productive end to this riddled confusion of a rant? I'd like to think there is, so let's see if we can draw one.

A dream is not necessarily a want. A want is not a need. Needs are subjective.

If you're a client hunting for talent and tired of hearing these same responses know this - I Muppet check every single candidate before I send them anywhere near your direction. If 'He's dreamin' He'll certainly get a wakeup call from me.

If you're hunting for work know this - I will always tell you what is realistic. Are you aiming to high? Are you aiming too low? By loosening up your list from your dreams to your ideals, you might just find a brilliant opportunity.