4 July 2013

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - July 2013

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - July 2013

I love a good steryotype but I'm not much of a sauce bottle shaker. How about you?

Let me take off my Akubra and put my philosophical hat on for a moment.  One of the main reasons I exist is because people in both the recruitment and the mining industries have too often uttered the phrases 'Oh you're a (Insert profession here)' 'You are all the same' or 'Youse is all the same, ay' depending on the company you keep.

In particular this past week I've heard 'You recruiters are all the same though, hey?' and 'I don't know. Just a Geo that does Geology'.

Perhaps in the past I've laughed this off but today I take a stand. For the love of hamburgers you're talking about a person not a car part for the HQ.

So in honour of a fine American tradition of independence, let me tell you about a few times I found a fair dinkum Aussie who completely bucked the trend of the 'Youse' grouping that was thrust upon them.

  1. Collingwood supporters. Some of them have teeth. Honest to Barbeque. I saw one with my own eyes.
  2. I'm not afraid of ALL spiders. Just the really poisonous ones in really close proximity.
  3. Not all mining Recruiters know the difference between an Open cut and Underground mine when they're looking at it. True story. And also, highly entertaining.
  4. Not all ads on seek are fake, duplicated or written under false pretences. I know. A little off topic but I found it genuinely fascinating.
  5. Geologists don't wander around licking rocks. Often. When sober.

So fellow Australians, Mining lovers and angry people who find my frustration amusing, let's band together and end the reign of 'youse'.

Let's celebrate what makes us different as often as we celebrate what makes us the same.

Who knows, maybe my rants will simmer down to a mild annoyed grumble.

I'm Bogan McShane. And I'm proud to be a recruiter who wouldn't sell his grandmother to get ahead. We do exist. Stereotype destroyed.


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