27 November 2014

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - December 2014

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - December 2014 Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - December 2014 Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - December 2014 Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - December 2014

Human Resources - Empire Building & Hidden Agenda Ninjas

Topics for the Bogan Rant are often difficult to conjure (as contrary to belief, the Bogan is a fairly chilled individual), however, during the last month, the next rant has all but written itself - the subject - HR - Human Resources, empire building experts and hidden agenda ninjas!

Will this rant offend? Probably, but only if the subject matter rings true! True? Do I want feedback? Absolutely! This is a topic I am passionate about and I'm prepared for the possum to go OFF in the fusebox. In fact, I'll (anonymously) publish your responses in the next article - if they're interesting and constructive!

Read on fellow Bogans!

Why am I ranting about this? Because I know I am different to the vast majority of two bit, fly by night recruiters out there who are only interested in their bottom line and can't sell their Grandmother as they'd already traded her for a placement last year. I AM a Mining Professional who has turned to recruitment. I understand intimately how small and incestuous our industry is. I know the industry better than the majority of my competitors - it is what I do, it is who I am, it's my passion, my hobby, in my DNA and my chosen career path - MINING. My focus has been and always will be on doing the right thing by everyone and generating long term relationships - I'm not going anywhere. I have great success from many referrals and repeat business and pride myself in always doing what is right. I'm brutally honest and often offend because what I am saying is true. Disagree? Write in. Tell me what I did unethically and I'll publicise it in the next newsletter. Unless it was at a conference in Kalgoorlie - I have no recollection…….

Apologies, I digress! The Bogan writes best when agitated, but also goes off on random tangents……..oh look, over there, something shiny……… ok, onto the issue with HR.

I am becoming increasingly despondent with our industry and the way too many individuals have their own interests well ahead of the company they represent or the service providers they shaft along the way. How can it be rectified? That's going to require a full publication and I only have a page! Let's summarise. Recognise HR as the "service providers" they are and grant them the level of power & influence accordingly - that includes me! Many are too often making decisions based on making themselves look good, or their "stats" looking better, or saving $15K on recruitment fees by hiring someone only 80% right for a role - and screening out the ones from agency that tick every ideals box in the PD. There are still a lot of muppets still securing work in such a tight market, but even more legends who cannot secure a role - go figure……

What is the ideal strategy - tried and proven to work?

Use your internal HR/recruitment function, advertise on Seek and other sites - save on an agency fee if you can, but utilise an agency to tap into and source the passive/inactive 80% of the market. It might come as a shock to many, but mining professionals generally don't lounge around and trawl Seek every day! Iceberg analogy! It's what we do all day every day. I rarely advertise - I don't need to. I know where to look, I know where they hide, talk their lingo, have paid up my fair share of cartons over time and I know how to extract them.

Too many internal HR/Recruiters feel threatened by good agency recruiters and many are ex-agency failures (unless you are a HR professional seeking a career path). DO Line Management see how their HR treat agencies behind closed doors? Nope! After all, if an agency were to always find the best candidates for their organisation, then internal recruitment not only look bad, but they aren't doing their job - right? So what do they do? Shut out the agencies, use job boards and social media to tap into the 20% of the active market that are looking. Shortlist the best of that bunch, often hire someone only 80% right for the role and they end up being sacked within 6 months or leave within 12. Expensive process! Repeat process. Definition of insanity this newsletter edition is found under "H" for Human Resources.

Another topic, as the Bogan does digress - The interview process.

The majority of interviews are so heavily slanted towards behavioural based interrogation and safety that we've lost focus on what is paramount to a technical &/or operational professional being hired - their technical &/or operational expertise! I know! Incredible isn't it.

Too often I see some clown secure a role that I KNOW is not right for the role. BUT, they answered the questions well, resume looks good on paper, presented well and their dodgy mate referees vouched for them! Sure enough, 6 months later they're gone. To the clients that grill professionals with technical questions - high 5.

It's about time many HR professionals got their head out of their proverbial and line/exec management start holding them more accountable, and be involved to put a better, more robust recruitment model together that recognises that HR cannot always source the best candidates - they are not tapped into the technical market, they are not trained technically and nor do they have the time to - fair statement? Utilise both strategies in tandem and may the best candidate secure the role - for the overall success and improvement of the business and to ultimately maximise shareholder value. Honestly, the thought process for some organisations (or the Hidden Ninja's within) astounds me!  How did they come up with their recruitment model? Along with a pack of chimpanzees and a bucket of crack?

It might cost you $15K in a fee - but that person might just be 20% better suited, make some well-judged decisions that make the company millions or more!……………Weigh it up.

Stop hiding behind your empire building and hidden agenda ninja tactics! 

I'm only dealing with the facts at hand. What's that saying, "A man with no data is only a man with an opinion"………..

I'm Bogan McShane and this newsletter, HR gave me the irrits.

You know it's true.

Write in - tell me what you think.