29 July 2014

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - July 2014

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - July 2014

I 'love' how the Australian media has got hold of the notion of Tall Poppy Syndrome in the last 5 years or so and slathered it over every action like feathers on a chook. In fact it makes me angry in that Bogany sort of way where I want to take a chainsaw to the transmitter and turn its remains into a suburb sized barbeque.

Tall Poppy Syndrome in it's essence is grown up sibling squabbles. Mum and Dad love her more so she has better shoes. You know, the good thongs. With no bread clips holding them together. It is motivated by jealousy and an act of comparing someone elses actions or posessions to that of the masses. It is deciding they have more than us, declaring we don't like it and doing everything in a power to take it away from them.

What it is not, is the entirely justifiable dislike of someone who is never humble. Who is over confident. Someone who is afraid of hard work and yet takes the credit for the effort of others.

It is not a catch phrase or a defense of any kind for demeaning or discouraging other human beings.

It is not rational or justifiable. 

Arrogance Intollerance is different.

Have you ever stared at someone for so long that you've gone cross eyed while calculating just how much trouble you'd get in if you told them that they're an absolute clown?

Mate, I imagine you probably have. That right there is Arrogance Intollerance. And most Aussie's have it in spades. We have some of the most highly tuned BS detectors in the world and now our own media want us to be ashamed of them. 

To the person with seven degrees who wants to tell you how to do your job, even though they've never even tried it themselves.To the Dr who saw you for 3 minutes after a 2 hour wait to tell you you're not sick enough to be a priority. To the gym junkies who refuse to mow the lawn on the weekend. To the middle manager of all middle managers. I have a really simple message.

I'm not bloody jealous of you. I don't wish you evil because you are doing so well with your life. Actually. I think you're an idiot.

And I'm choosing here and now as the perfect time to tell you that. Just because you love you, doesn't mean I need to too. And no television channel in the world is going to tell me that's wrong.

So let us as a nation no longer feel inferior for our superior BS detectors. We are not the home of the Tall Poppy Syndrome. We just won't put up with your crap.

 What's your position on the cricket field? Are we Aussie's tough on Tall Poppie's? Or are we a nation intollerant of Arrogance.

Bogan's Pet Hate - Drivers who throw cigarettes out of car windows. Seriously! You know bike pants are flammable right?