16 June 2014

Where's Wally - Your Questions Answered

Where's Wally - Your Questions Answered

Wally is cool and all. But have you ever thought about why people are looking for him? Over the years some people have immortalized him as the needle in the haystack. The impossible goal. The holy grail of small missing people cases. But I have my own theory. And evidence would seem to suggest it's entirely credible.

Wally... wait for it..... Is a small, partially disabled person who is consistently shirking his work. Not only shirking. He is actively hiding in the general population and wasting precious man hours to find him and keep him focussed on the task at hand. Which is clearly buying new striped sweaters and accessories. 

Sure he looks great on paper. They only use the best inks to make him look important. But he is no legend of the common man. The wizard looking for him isn't evil, He's justifiably annoyed!

But time and time again in the past I have found myself searching for the beanie wearing weirdo Is this repetitive action truly the definition of insanity? Why do I think that the result will be different? That I'll find a better person next time I search exactly the same way?

Why am I, and everybody else, searching for Wally? The illusive lazy jerk that is all pizazz and not about actually doing the work.

And so I've decided to go on a Wally free diet. At least in my recruitment life. No longer will I search for the guy hiding in the pack, not doing any work and then popping up to seek fame and fortune. I'm through with the effort.

From now on I'm going to look for the people in the picture who are doing the work. Who hide in the plain coloured scarves and dirt covered hands. Who ignore the search. Those who don't poke their head out of the trench to be found because they're too busy digging it.

I'm going to find the thinkers and the doers and present only the absolute best candidates to my clients.

The big question is will you do the same?