11 March 2014

Join Stealth Recruitment AFL Footy Tipping and WIN!

Join Stealth Recruitment AFL Footy Tipping and WIN!

AFL Footy Tipping

Grease up the emotional roller coaster. It's time for the soaring highs and punishing lows of another season ofAFL!

To celebrate we're doing our usual pre season duty which consists of the following:

  1. Join theStealth Recruitment Footy Tipping Comp- 1 round win is worth $50 and you double your $25 entry fee! Plus end of season prizes.
  2. Learn obscure facts about players from opposing teams - Strengthen the war chest
  3. Stock the fridge with beverages and the freezer with meat pies - You never know when the mood will strike
  4. Jog a couple of laps around the house - You've got to be in shape
  5. Start categorizing friends that you will and won't watch the football with - Don't be caught mid game with someone who likes to talk while you're concentrating. 

If you're ready to join the Stealth Recruitment Footy Tipping comp, click on the link below and follow the instructions!







I look forward to seeing your name on the ladder… …..obviously underneath mine. Challenge made.

Michael 'Hawksupporter' McShane