11 March 2014

Legend's in their own Lunchboxes

Let me introduce you to a legend for the new age. A truly iconic superhero. A beacon in the dark of troubled times. His super powers are spoken of in hushed reverent tones. His reach unimaginable and his skill-set enormous. Who is this clearly unmasked man? Why it's captain Lunch Box.  

Capatin Lunch Box is entertaining and people orientated with only one visible stain on his costume; Ego.

Ego has long been seen as a dirty word in Australia, where humility is a quality that we value as highly as any other. It is an unhealthy obsession with our own self worth and the basis for the public outcry that is often described as Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Are we wrong for discouraging self promotion in Australian business, social circles in even at the family dinner table? Well yes and no. Keeping the Ego in check is a worthwhile cause in my book.

What I do think is that there is a big difference between having a swollen head and an a bucket of inflated stories to match and having a healthy sense of acheivement and self worth.

The difference between a Legend and a Legend in their own Lunchbox becomes crystal clear to us when reading resumes. The document used to sell ourselves and promote our skills. Here's how it breaks down:

An EGO based resume

  1. Claims team acheivements as personal acheivements
  2. Uses big words and catch phrases in place of data
  3. Name drops even on vague possible once upon a time aquaintence 

A SKILLS based resume

  1. Lists accomplishments and acknowledges group effort
  2. Uses numbers and facts to demonstrate value
  3. Lists referees of people who can speak of their work ethic and character

Some of the most accomplished people I have ever met under sell themselves. This is wrong. Some of the least accomplished people I know tell the world they invented the map. This is also wrong.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of your acheivements. There is nothing wrong with sharing them. But don't be a Legend in your own Lunchbox. It is a surefire way to disappoint the people you are trying to impress. People who would be really happy to hear you say 'I don't know how to do that but I would love to learn.'

Plus, you know you really shouldn't wear spandex in public after that last incident.