24 April 2015

Trends and Quick Facts - Surveyors

- Number of Cartographers and Surveyors employed in Australia: 17,500
- Percentage working full-time: 94.9%
- Average weekly earnings (before tax): $1,300
- Unemployment rate: Below average
- Future employment growth for the next 5 years: Strong growth
- Level of job openings predicted for the next 5 years: Below average
- 14.4% of Cartographers and Surveyors are employed in the Mining Industry

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Trends and Quick Facts - Cartographers and Surveyors

Cartographers and Surveyors apply scientific and mathematical principles to design, prepare and revise maps and charts, plan, direct and conduct survey work to determine, delineate, plan and precisely position tracts of land, natural and constructed features, coastlines, marine floors and underground works, and manage related information systems.

Reference: all information sourced from Job Outlook, Department of Employment