12 January 2015

Sheila's Retort to Bogan McShane

Sheila's Retort to Bogan McShane Sheila's Retort to Bogan McShane

Rant Response to Human Resources - Empire Building and Hidden Agenda Ninja's

Ping. Another email alert, whilst I am in a weekly HR meeting, bored as hell and hoping someone will phone in a bomb threat. My team is going on and on about recruitment and agencies. I glance at my phone and see it is the monthly Stealth newsletter email. As I am bored as bat sh*t I decide to glance and see what the Bogan has to say for the month and by the title he certainly has my attention.

Now the Bogan has raised some interesting points in his rant and as a senior HR professional I believe it is the right time for someone to give the Bogan a pineapple, and possibly some credit.

Point One - The Bogan is an experienced mining professional who has earned credibility by actually working in the industry and not just being a "bum on seat" recruiter looking for their next commission. The Bogan can actually ask and understand the technical questions and responses much better than I can.

Point Two - HR is a service provider. This is how successful HR practitioners recognize and run their business units. Partner with the business, provide a service and recognize everyone is your customer, internally and externally.

The Bogan is a customer and even though many times I used to say I was in meetings when he called - as I didn't want to talk to him - he wasn't like other recruitment agents who sucked up my a*se for business. He was someone who told me straight up that we were paying too little to get a quality candidate or the company had a bad reputation and only could hire the "Parmeshes" (dregs) of the mining industry.  In short, he's one of the good ones.

Let's face it: everyone has war stories about oxygen thieves setting themselves up as recruitment agents during the good times. After continual bad experiences of these morons, to whom for convenience we will give the collective name of "Oliver", I actually took off my HR hat and gave The Bogan a chance. Since then I haven't looked back. Even when I have used the traditional HR method and advertised externally, the Bogan was on hand to conduct the "Muppet" check. (And as an added bonus, the mining downturn has flushed a lot of Olivers out of the industry, and presumably they are now asking customers "would you like fries with that?")

Point Three - the "Muppet" check. This is an exclusive tool only available to the Bogan and it is invaluable. The Bogan has this trick where you can call upon him to do an informal "Muppet " check on a potential employee. I do not proclaim to know how he does this but I think it may involve an IPhone and touching his special place.  The Bogan's Muppet List™ is the place where all the Parmeshes of the mining world end up.

Point Four - Not all HR professionals are "empire builders or hidden agenda ninja's" and to this I take great offense. Unfortunately like unethical and unprofessional recruitment agents, there are those in the HR realm who do seem to think that because they are a senior leader and have some clout in the executive space, that they are a 'protected' species and it is these individuals who give good HR professionals a bad name and reputation. They're the power-crazed gatekeeper types who give everyone - both internal customers and external service providers - the sh*ts. I don't run my team that way (see Point 2 above). HR is not all things to all people and we are not here to fix all the problems. Sure, we know how to develop a recruitment strategy, budget and model but do we know how to recruit the right people every time? No, we do not. HR needs to invest and establish partnerships with credible Bogans.

So on this occasion I do agree in principal with the Bogan but need to remind the Bogan that not all HR professionals are "Human Remains" and treat us with the respect and courtesy we do not show you.


Senior HR Professional

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