27 July 2015

Commodity Pricing Graphs

The last 6 weeks has seen declines in gold and nickel, iron ore is stagnent on $60 USD/t and coal dipped only to rise in the last week.

Gold Graph

Gold initially increase from $1170 USD/OZT to $1200 USD/OZT in mid June and then started a steady decrease, finishing on $1080 USD/OZT at the end of last week.

Nickel Graph

Nickel experienced two dips during the last 6 weeks, the first saw it drop to around $5.3 USD/lb at the beginning of July and the second saw it drop to just about $4.9 USD/lb on the 12th July, it finished off last week at $5.15 USD/lb.

Iron Ore Graph

Iron Ore Fines stayed stagnent at $60 USD/t for the last 6 weeks.

Coal Graph

Coal experienced a drop during the majority of the last 6 weeks, with a rapid increase within the last week to see it now at $43 USD/ST.