1 June 2015

Client Advertising & Candidate Screening Process – Have we lost focus?

Client Advertising & Candidate Screening Process – Have we lost focus? Client Advertising & Candidate Screening Process – Have we lost focus? Client Advertising & Candidate Screening Process – Have we lost focus? Client Advertising & Candidate Screening Process – Have we lost focus?

It has been admitted to me on more occasions than I recall that clients will hire someone not on a recruiters database / not introduced to them so they can avoid paying a fee. This, along with a few other events prompted our recent survey - Click here to see the results and commentary.

Would paying "a fee" for the ideal candidate (culturally & technically) be better than hiring someone "good enough" for the role - who no doubt will not add the same value to the organisation? We all know the answer!

I am certain I know what the shareholders & board would say!

A recruitment fee can be paid back within a day, many times over by hiring a candidate that literally is spot on, who will add true value to an organisation!

Look at it from another angle (for the Pythagoras in all of us!),- who out there quantifies what it costs an organisation in stuff ups, incompetence, mining dilution through inefficient spotting, grade control, "near enough" attitude with geological/assay interp, dig plans, survey ore mark ups, poor laser control, poor blasting etc?

  • - Hiring an Engineer because they can use Vulcan, but screening out the candidate who hasn't used Vulcan, but is highly proficient in other software and is better at applying the principals of the planning software……..?
  • - Hiring a Geo because they said everything right in a HR/behavioural based interview, but rejecting the candidate who was blatantly nervous, didn't answer all of the questions that well, but was likely the best person for the role - but did you do any references, background (informal) checks (Email me on how Stealth can assist with this). Doubt it. You hired someone you "assumed" to be the best OR someone that was "good enough"……

What does hiring the wrong person cost an organisation? How beneficial is it to get the right person and how much value can they add? Can be multiple millions with one decision either way! An idea, a hunch based on years of experience that leads to a significant discovery, reduced dilution, higher recoveries, reduced maintenance - increased efficiencies - increased profits / reduced costs!

So, is the recruitment fee the real cost saver?

Are you sourcing the best candidates for your organisation? Really?

Are we, as an industry, losing sight of the fact that it's the people within your organisation that is the glue to your success - profit or loss? Most companies state that their people are their most important asset, but frankly, I see many making poor hiring decisions and displaying the contrary.

Are you too absorbed by reducing costs and sticking to internal budgets/KPIs that you'll hire someone near enough over someone ideal because it'll save on a recruitment fee or save $10K on a salary? Who quantifies this loss? How is it quantified if it doesn't actually happen? Tough one, isn't it!!

Who sits there and quantifies it when it an employee messes up, or is the error brushed under the carpet and covered up - just hire someone else, but let's "get it right" this time! A rarity! Who wants to highlight that they hired the wrong person and this is how much they cost the organisation in their mess up and the associated re-hiring, on-boarding costs and re-training.

Seriously, think about it………………………………….

Ok, long enough. What do you think? Let me know.

Solution Option 1: Put your role out to us, the recruiter, once you have closed applications after a week or two. We put a few resumes forward that you will not have - cannot source through advertising/social media - they are the passive market - the hidden army of ideal candidates. The candidates that we have a relationship with, who aren't trawling Seek or job boards every day. Many are employed, so need to be tapped on the shoulder.

Then - may the best candidates, most ideally suited to your organisation secure the role!!

Solution Option 2: Let Stealth do the candidate screening for you! Simple - no large recruitment fee - we agree to a set rate (hourly or daily) - we narrow the list based on 20+ years of making it my job to know as many mining professionals as possible - we do some background checks (Stealth "Muppet Checks") and you're left with a shortlist to assess yourselves - based on cultural & technical fit. You're also left with a much smaller fee for service and better candidates who will add value to your organisation.

Solution Option 3: Same as above - but advertise with us also (at cost)! (Check out our Dual Branding - Stealth's Premium Marketing Campaign) The power of dual branding is exponential - you show off your brand and we use ours to help flush out the passive/inactive candidates. There's a whole separate article here that is based around anonymity & psychology. Where candidates are more inclined to apply for a dual branded ad campaign over a specific client one - equally so for a basic recruitment agency ad, as, let's face it, the majority of recruiter ads are believed to be fake and are! Combining advertising is like putting peas with carrots, apple sauce with pork! It works!

If you, the client, are serious about hiring the right person, your internal recruitment function is great (in many ways), but it cannot and will not always have the capability and does not have the networks to flush out the ideal candidates!

Are you serious about hiring the right person?

Partner with Stealth and hire the best people! Agree to a fee for service to help screen your candidates, advertise with us or just get us to do the background checks - see results of Survey.

But at least you had a proper look……………..not a "boy look" like my wife accuses me of every time I look in the fridge and can't see the butter right in front of me!

Another tip: If you're a Line Manager / Head of an organisation/department - get involved with your own hiring - take responsibility. Make people and the quality of the people your first priority!

"It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do."
Steve Jobs

"A kite flies against the wind, not with it"
Old mate Churchill