1 June 2015

Commodity Pricing Graphs

The last 6 weeks have seen some fluctuations in Gold and Nickel, but both finishing off near where they started at the beginning of the 6 weeks. Iron Ore has had a slight increase while Coal has steadily declined during the last 6 weeks.

Gold Graph

Gold has been through a bumpy ride over the past 6 weeks, starting mid April around $1,200 USD/OZT and peaking in Mind may to above $1,220 US/OZT, finishing May off just above $1,185 USD/OZT.

Nickel Graph

Nickel started mid April just below $5.7 USD/lb and ended the end of May just above $5.7 USD/lb. It did peak at the beginning of May at $6.5 USD/lb.

Iron Ore Graph

Iron Ore Fines has experienced a small increase, over the past 6 weeks, starting out below $50 USD/t mid April, it has finished May off just above $60 USD/t.

Coal Graph

Coal continued to decline throughout April and May, starting just over $50 USD/ST mid April, it finished May off below $45 USD/ST.