1 June 2015

Survey Results

Firstly, thank you to all those that participated and completed the survey. We have had over 750 completed surveys and many more partially completed.

The survey did have some "interesting" questions, but the results & associated commentary will explain why I included them!

Question 1

How often do you partner with a recruitment agency when hiring a Mining Specialist?
Answer Options Never Rarely Sometimes Frequently Always Rating Average
Permanent Roles 16.88% 23.12% 31.95% 22.60% 5.45% 2.76
Contract Roles 14.29% 25.45% 41.82% 14.81% 3.63% 2.68

Question 2

Order the below factors from 1 (most important) to 5 (least important) that you use in deciding which agency to use when hiring a Mining Specialists
Answer Options 1 2 3 4 5 Rating Average
Mining Specialist Recruitment Consultants 43.26% 25.12% 14.62% 9.47% 7.53% 2.11
Price / Rate 28.05% 18.70% 27.79% 15.07% 10.39% 2.61
Years of experience in recruitment 12.99% 31.69% 21.30% 23.12% 10.90% 2.87
Company brand name/market perception and size 8.87% 11.36% 21.04% 29.71% 29.02% 3.59
Office/Geographic Location 6.83% 8.13% 13.25% 17.14% 54.65% 4.04


Overwhelming landslide majority wanted to partner with a "Mining Recruitment Specialist" who was proven & had years under the belt in the recruitment market - but only if the price/rates were right!!!

Lagging on the preferences were the company brand/reputation or geographic location of the offices.
A strong indicator that the majority realise that the larger agencies generally don't have mining recruitment specialists with many years' experience.

Question 3

Which online platforms do you use to research a Recruitment Agency
Answer Options Response Percent
LinkedIn Company Page 41.6%
LinkedIn Profiles of Employees of the Agency 31.9%
Facebook Company Page 6.8%
Facebook Pages of Employees 5.7%
Company Website 66.5%
Google Search of Company 49.6%
SEEK/Job Boards - to see what jobs they advertise 54.0%
Other (please specify) 18.7%


When researching a potential recruitment agencies to partner with, the vast majority go to the agency web site, or conduct a Google search.

Interestingly, up there on the search list was Seek/Job boards. My take on this is that Seek/Job board presence does not remotely indicate how busy, successful or reputable a recruitment company is - it shows that they need to advertise to source candidates! You can do that yourselves as a client, right?

For the 'other response' an overwhelming number of people said 'word of mouth' - 80% of respondants in fact

Question 4

If you had to choose between hiring the ideal candidate which involves a recruitment fee OR hiring a solid candidate which involves no recruitment fee, where would you rank yourself on the following scale?
Answer Options Hire Ideal Candidate - Fee Hire Solid Candidate - No Fee Rating Average
Average Ranking 15.96% 15.81% 20.71% 23.82% 22.70% 3.18


The results were as I feared! Frightening and shocking, but not surprising based on what I have been observing for the last year - hence the targeted question.

The majority of respondents would rather hire an "average" candidate (who can "do the job") for no agency fee, than hire the ideal/perfect candidate for a recruitment fee! How do you think the board and/or shareholders would respond to this doozy?

Note: I didn't specify how much the fee was? Simply a "recruitment fee".

We know times are tough for us all, but hiring anyone that is "good enough", just because it might save a fee (let's say that's $10K for example) is ludicrous. Think about it. How much damage, lost business, errors can an "average" employee do? How much does it cost to re-hire, re-train a new employee when they inevitably leave (or made to leave) within 3-12 months?

Conversely, how much value, opportunity & revenue can a brilliant employee generate (for a $10K fee)?

It is a no brainer and simply points to the fact that we, as an industry are losing sight of what's most important - our people! People make organisations (and a juicy orebody!)! We're getting so caught up in budgets, personal/departmental KPIs and cost reductions that we're hiring many of the wrong people! E.g "Give me a pat on the back, I reduced recruitment agency expenditure by $200K this year by recruiting ourselves - but does anyone assess or quantify the fall out?

But hey, you saved $10K on a recruitment agency fee…………..well done.

Question 5

What do you believe is a fair and reasonable percentage for a permanent technical recruitment placement fee?
Answer Options Response Percent
Less than 10% 28.7%
10-12% 18.6%
13-15% 16.5%
16-20% 1.6%
Over 20% 0.1%
A range - Depends on the level of role 34.5%


Question 6

What other services and / or "value add" would you want from a recruitment agency?
Answer Options Response Percent
Candidate Trends of passive/inactive candidates 17.3%
Candidate Screening Tips 40.4%
Muppet Checks (Stealth's informal background checks) 66.0%
Co-branded advertising (flush out passive/inactive candidates) 25.4%
Articles / Reports-Trends / Blogs / White Papers 14.5%
Psychometric Tests or Personality Profiling 36.5%
Other (please specify) 7.6%


WOW! What other services or "value adds" do you want from a recruitment company?
A massive 66% of respondents wanted Stealth's "Muppet Checks" (Informal background checks). Email us if you would like to engage us to do a "Muppet Check" for a new Candidate you're looking at hiring.

In a close 2nd and 3rd were Candidate Screening Tips and Psychometric Testing/Personality Profiling.
Again, they are both services Stealth offer - we are regularly engaged to screen candidates for positions - we consult on a fee for service (time based) as opposed to a recruitment sourcing fee - massive cost saving to the client. We help you screen your candidates and ensure you are left with high quality, screened, background checked (and referenced if required) candidates. Email us if you would like to engage us to do Screening of Applicants for Job's you'ved advertised.

NOTE: Several people wrote to us and suggested via the survey that the term "Muppet Checks" is unprofessional, disrespectful and wrong.

Query - what do you call candidates that you would never employ, have a bad reputation (for whatever reason), are blacklisted from most clients, are known to jump jobs for menial pay rises, lie, deceive etc?

Call them what you will - we're not personally naming or shaming them - we're simply referring to them as "Muppets" and can help your organisation avoid them!

Engage Stealth to assist you with your background checks - why not? There are 2 degrees of separation in mining and I've made it my job for 12 years to network with as many mining professionals as possible? Do I know everyone? No. But I know who to call, where to look and how to be discreet.Email us if you would like to engage us to do a "Muppet Check" for a new Candidate you're looking at hiring.

Question 7

What is the size of your organisation?
Answer Options Response Percent
1-10 25.2%
11-50 11.1%
51-200 16.0%
201-500 12.7%
501-1,000 5.6%
1,001-5,000 15.4%
5,001-10,000 4.6%
10,000+ 9.5%


Question 8

How many roles are you looking to fill/have budgeted in the next year?
Answer Options Average
Responses ranged from 0-1000 7

Question 9

Will you use / or consider using a recruitment agency for these / some of these roles?
Answer Options No Unlikely Maybe Very Likely Yes Rating Average
New Roles 19.94% 18.03% 42.48% 11.61% 7.94% 2.88


Question 10

What type of company do you work for?
Answer Options Response Percent
Underground 12.9%
Open Pit 24.8%
Exploration 18.1%
Consultant 22.6%
Other (please specify) 21.6%