19 October 2015

Commodity Pricing Graphs

The last 6 weeks has seen a slight increase in Gold and Nickel, a decline in Coal and Iron-Ore flatlined. As at 19th October, Gold was $1,172.70 USD/o zt, Nickel $4.80 USD/lb, Iron-Ore $55.73 USD and Coal $42.05 USD/st.

Gold Graph

Gold initially declined during the the beginning of September, then climed to just over $1,140 USD/o zt around the 24 September, then declined and rose again to end the 6 week period at $1,174.10 USD/o zt on 19 October.

Nickel Graph

Nickel experienced a slight increase at the beginning of September then took a serious of dips and climbs reaching over $4.65 USB/lb at the beginning of October and then dipping and climbing again to end the 6 week period at $4.80 USD/lb on 19 October.

Iron Ore Graph

Iron Ore Fines stayed stagnet on $55.73 USD/t for the whole of the 6 week period.

Coal Graph

Coal experienced steady decline throughout the last 6 weeks, starting just over $42.8 USD/st, ending at $42.05 USD/st on 19 October.