19 October 2015

Hiring the Contractor

Hiring the Contractor Hiring the Contractor Hiring the Contractor Hiring the Contractor

The term contractor (or consultant) seems to engender images of a room full of flighty greybeards, honing their solitaire skills with terms like billable hours being thrown around in casual conversation.

It is little wonder with these common misconceptions that a number of companies are reluctant to employ even the most experienced and qualified candidates when a significant amount of their employment history is prefaced by the word "contractor‟.

I thought I would take some time to present another scenario for you to consider:

Contractors - Your very own walking, talking dictionary.

With changes in the market I have spoken to a number of experienced contractors and consultants enquiring about full time roles.

Strengths of a Contractor / Consultant

  • - They are often strong transformational leaders. Bringing about change to improve X, Y and Z is on the position description of every consultant I come across.

  • - Successful consultants are able to change the deepest set culture to revitalize areas of your business; an extremely valuable weapon to have at your disposal. In some ways their success is seen as their downfall with movement between companies seen as instability rather than an ability to achieve a desired result.

  • - With their employment terms being outside of the norms it is also very common for a consultant to have more than "traditional‟ levels of responsibility. Their work is their reputation and the decisions they make are not sheltered by the organizations they work for. This makes them careful and encourages them to take pride in their work. Excellent traits to find in any employee.

  • - Been there, done that, happy to do it again. Yes, consultants work on a variety of projects. This is a great reason to consider them your very own walking talking dictionary. They bring with them the experience of other peoples trials and errors, saving you time and money.

Far from the images that the title "contractor" (or consultant) conjures are a number of extremely talented and experienced individuals who are seeking longer term commitment and could make a great difference to your organisation.

Where do youstand on the contractor debate?

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