1 March 2016

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - March 2016

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - March 2016 Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - March 2016 Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - March 2016 Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - March 2016

Rocky Road Ahead

Well fellow Bogans, it's been a while since you heard from me! I've been in a Summer hibernation, have woken from my slumber and decided to rant about random annoyances!

I am sure not alone to say 2015 was tough for the majority of miners, explorers and associated service providers! I've been having a chin wag to many people over the last few months about the state of the industry and gain wide ranging views from various company sizes, commodities and geographic spread. When people say "I reckon" 2016 will be a better year, I get a little bemused and my right eye twitches! You know, "I reckon" I should try crystal meth, then think, nah, better not!

When predicting the future, try to back it up with some substantiative evidence, reasons, justifications, trends, indicators - whatever! Anything!! Even just "the vibe" would be sufficient as quoted by Dennis Denuto in "The Castle"………..

Bottom line is that most believe 2016 to be another tough year ahead. Some pockets of great success amongst established gold producers and some solid projects having success - it's not all doom and gloom, but many are punching themselves in the face. Seems to be the year for non traditional metals like graphite, mineral sands, rare earths and recycling of VB & EB cans………

Now, many of us are finding it tough - clients and candidates alike. But it's no reason to be unethical twats. I've ranted before about morals, but a few things have stubbed my toe and caused me to cuss out loud in recent times and one of them is having terms dictated at the end of the recruitment process after you have delivered the product successfully. Seems highly unique to the recruitment industry. No? Let's put it another way - You go through the process of having a house built - near completion of the build where final payments are due, you tell the builder that you will be paying them 20% less - no exceptions. Why? Because you want to - "just cos". Because other builders charge less. You can't do that!

Recruiters undercutting rates to win business - it's lunacy, suicide and look where the majority of them are now - GONE! Tell me it's otherwise!!!!!? Unsustainable. Why lower your standards to a level that the bottom dwellers are feeding at and you cease to exist? You want a decent boutique frothie, you pay more for it! You want a side of fries with your burger? Pay for it you tight wad - don't ask for it to the thrown in. You want a brilliant service, then don't expect to pay peanuts you'll start getting the monkeys!

No apologies here, but if you are cut off, chances are, you handed them the scissors………….. 

It reminds me of when I saw 4 men in the cemetery carrying a coffin around and around! 3 hours later I saw the same men with the same coffin, and I thought to myself, they've lost the bloody plot!!

Another example of bizarre behaviour is the Qld Annastacia Palaszczuk Gov't making changes to last drinks and lock out laws at pubs and nightclubs - drunk (or drugged up) idiots prone to violence will always be prone to violence. Implementing last drinks at 2am will make 9/10ths of 2/5ths of stuff all difference! Idiots will still drink excessively, be prone to their violent ways and go looking for a dust up. C'mon, we've all seen people like this! Look at someone for a split second longer than you should have, is met with a, "what are you lookin' at!!" rant, of which there is no right answer! You think they won't be any less munted by 2am! Reactionary parliamentary tossers so far removed from society that they feel the need to implement change, then pat themselves on the back for a job well done! Surely they're addressing the problem, not the cause? Well done Palaszczuk!

If there was an award ceremony that gave the top prize to a scarecrow - she would be outstanding in her field.

They're punishing the 99% of individuals that go out for a good time, not prone to king hitting someone - not that any of this will affect me. I'm usually tucked up in the fart sack packing Zzz's at that time………maybe the Politicians should next tell us when to eat and sleep - permission to fart please?

Another thing that is highly topical at present from many clients is salary reviews! We've all seen salaries drop and expectations from candidates reduce. I have my views. Many do need to reduce their lifestyle standards for a while and stop drinking those fancy frothies like the Tibetan Ducks Nuts IPA and go back to VB tinnies - champagne back to Passion Pop - Maserati back to a Datsun 120Y - Japan skiing back to local camping.  

We all saw salaries over inflate during many years of continued boom - supply v demand. Bound to have happened. But, I don't believe salaries should drop too much. Sure, have them stagnate for a sustained period - don't expect any pay rise any time soon or hefty bonuses. Reality is that the cost of living is going up, not down, so cutting salaries too much is dangerous. Fair if you're going from a 5 day to a 4 day week and it means keeping your job rather than hitting the pavement! Sure, many overleveraged themselves and will find themselves in financial distress. Human nature dictates that most people spend what they earn - adjust their lifestyle based on their salaries. Readjustment is needed, but don't expect highly skilled professionals to take too much of a hair cut - short back and sides maybe (keep the rats tail) - not a Romper Stomper crew cut.   

What's the secret to survival in 2016? Who knows. Diversification? Persistence, differentiation, patience, restructuring, upskilling, downsizing? Depends what game you're in? If you're a client, simply understand that everyone is finding it tough, so expecting huge unrealistic reductions in fees or salaries is lunacy - want a service that delivers? Pay for it. Mutually beneficial grounds need to be met up front - not at the end. Don't bring your cheap light beer to a party and expect to drink someone else's Quokka Tail Sessional Pale Ale! Want to secure "A Grade" candidates - pay them for it!

Despite all of our accomplishments, we owe our existence to a 10cm layer of topsoil and the fact it rains! Bit of perspective. If you come and visit me or utilise my service during 2016, if you ask for fries and add bacon to your burger - expect to pay for it! Bacon fixes everything! It's the small things and attention to detail that make a difference and differentiate.

Bogan's Pet Hate: People who can't stay left on a footpath! How hard is it to cross paths like you do on the road? They walk amongst us………..