McShane's Travels

A wonderful wife, two gorgeous children, 2 dogs, 2 cats and hopping around the country to see all of you certainly keeps Michael busy.

When not on the phone, glued to the computer, running to a meeting, giving speeches at a Catholic School about how the Earth was created (awkward!) or licking rocks, Michael also runs, cycles, swims and runs the Footy Tipping comp. Mostly so he can give any teams he doesn't like a hard time. Crazy!

Here is your one stop shop to keep up to date with the show. Stay tuned!

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity....

It's become a long running joke that attending an AFL Grand Final is a never to be repeated 'Once in a lifetime opportunity'. The fact that I've been to the last... let's say 'few' doesn't diminish the spectacle of such an event.   Once again this year, I was among the fortunate few that saw it all live. The soaring highs, the gut wrenching lows, the... oh wait.. that's another story.

My public service announcement to Australian's young and old. If you get your 'Once in a lifetime opportunity - GO! You won't regret it.

Michael 'my voice will recover one day' McShane 



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