Hillgrove Resources - Current vacancies

Hillgrove Resources are seeking a Drill & Blast Engineer and a Senior Safety Advisor for their magnificent Kanmantoo Copper Mines in the Adelaide Hills.

Are you keen to secure a role that allows you to go home every night, partake in some of the Hills region’s best lifestyle opportunities AND further your career in the mining sector? Welcome to Hillgrove Resources Kanmantoo Copper Mines… no FIFO, no extended rosters, just a great team enjoying the lifestyle and benefits associated with working at one of SA’s only metropolitan-based mines.

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General Manager Operations - Crocodile Gold

Crocodile Gold is a mining and exploration company, proud to be based out of the Northern Territory. With over 3,000 square kilometres of current tenement holdings across 6 major gold mining fields, our current footprint is massive.

They currently have a vacancy within their team. Find out more here!

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99 Percent - How do you react?

Like the newest gang member responding to a car back firing, sometimes your split second decisions can leave you red faced and eating humble pie for an immeasurable period of time. (Unless you’re Chuck Norris, in which case the outcome will be as Chuck Norris intended for it to be.)

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New Recruit - Sussan Hoeben

Introducing our newest recruit Sussan Hoeben. Sussan is here to look after all of your HR/ Admin, Procurement/ Logistics, IT/SAP, Accounting/ Finance and Commercial. Come in and say hello.

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That time we threw Michael McShane out of a plane

Jumping out a perfectly good plane. Join Michael McShane on his headfirst journey 14 000ft down to the coast of Byron Bay.

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Gray's Analogy

The plan was simple, like my brother-in-law George. But unlike George,this plan just might work. - See some of our favourite analogies in one convenient place.

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