Finance Update from Portfolio Capital

Both bank and non-bank mortgage lenders are currently experiencing intense competition with record low rates on offer - primarily due to lenders' access to cheap capital from the international money markets. Many lenders have reduced their 5 year fixed rate offerings to sub-five percent levels with rates going as low as the mid-4% range for shorter fixed rate terms. Would you like an an obligation free review of your existing loans?

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Diggers and Dealers

It's coming up to the best time of the year. Diggers and Dealers! Are you as excited as we are? Meet Michael McShane there and say hi. Warning: After 1am and before 7am, Michael McShane largely resembles Bogan McShane.

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Praise and Pay Days

How closely are your performance and your pay linked? In an industry as closely monitored and as highly productive as mining, there is a procedure, a box, a structure, a diagram, an ikea-esk set of instructions and a road map for pretty much everything. Including the proper way to use the dunny. How does your pay fit into the plan?

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Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - July 2014

Tall Poppy Syndrome or Arrogance Intolerance - That's what's on Bogan's mind this week. What's your position on the cricket field?

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Opportunities with the World's Largest Zinc Mine

Senior Resource Geologist - U/G, Datamine, base metals & resource estimation whiz required
Head of Exploration - Base metals guru required with significant management experience.
Head of Survey - U/G and open pit focus
Senior U/G Geotechnical Engineer & U/G Geotechnical Engineer
Ventilation Engineer

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