Fearful Furniture - Is your fear folding you back from doing something truly amazing?

After living in a house for 4 years, I decided to move my dining room setting out of the middle of a walkway - strange idea, I know - so that I didn't have to pull a ninja move in my sleep deprived stupor every morning on my way to the coffee machine. Problem is, after having in one place for so long, I still pull the same strange manoeuvre every morning because, in my head, it's still there.

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James Rowe - Senior Consultant - Metallurgy & Process Engineering

Metallurgists of the world unite! Meet our new recruit James Rowe. James is coming on board to look after all things Metallurgy and Process Engineering. Shoot him an email and tell him what you are hunting for. jrowe@stealthrecruit.com.au

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