Payroll Services

Stealth Recruitment provide highly professional and efficient online payroll services for mining and resources companies worldwide. Find out all that is included and how our management of your payroll will save you time, money and the headaches of processing payroll in-house!

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Contracting & temp services

Stealth Recruitment provide highly professional and efficient contracting and temp services for mining and resources companies worldwide. Find out more about our contracting services and how they will save you time, money and provide you with the expert hands on personnel you need right now!

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Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - October 2015

What's twisted my jocks lately is the severe lack of communication between HR and Line Managers when it comes to recruitment expectations. I'm bang on track here and could enter into a tirade citing 7 specific examples over the past 6 weeks, but I'll restrict it to a few.

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Commodity Pricing Graphs

A look back into what's been happening with Coal, Gold and Nickel in the past 6 weeks. The last 6 weeks has seen a slight increase in Gold and Nickel, a decline in Coal and Iron-Ore flatlined. As at 19th October, Gold was $1,172.70 USD/o zt, Nickel $4.80 USD/lb, Iron-Ore $55.73 USD and Coal $42.05 USD/st.

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Hiring the Contractor

The term contractor (or consultant) seems to engender images of a room full of flighty greybeards, honing their solitaire skills with terms like billable hours being thrown around in casual conversation.

It is little wonder with these common misconceptions that a number of companies are reluctant to employ even the most experienced and qualified candidates when a significant amount of their employment history is prefaced by the word "contractor‟.

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Join 2,000 people just like you!

We’re thrilled to announce that our LinkedIn Company page now has over 2,000 followers, just like you! Join us on LinkedIn today to find out industry news, information about our current active and passive candidates, blog articles (including the ‘bogan rant’) and job opportunities for both our clients and our candidates. We aim to bring companies and people together, to source the best candidates for roles and to assist our extensive network of qualified and experienced mining professionals secure their next role.

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Do you find yourself in Brisbane by happy circumstance? Keen to share a drink with someone who shares your passion for rocks?

Learn more about GeoPub, Brisbane.

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Capital cities a better bet for residential investment

The data in this article is strong proof that the right residential investment can achieve great capital gains over time. More importantly, the data also provides strong evidence to support Mosaic’s core strategy and value proposition, being the delivery of apartments and townhouses located within a 2 to 10km radius of the Brisbane CBD.

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