21 July 2011

Opportunity Shoes

Opportunity Shoes
Have you ever had a case of the "If onlys?"
  • If only I worked a shorter roster
  • If only my hair still looked like it did 10 years ago
  • If only my team actually wanted to do what I hired them to do
  • If only my TV could detect when I needed more beer and order it online
So easy to get into and so hard to get out of. It's the Grass is always greener way of life.
If you're suffering from this debilitating disease, there is only one known cure. And it's called Opportunity Shoes.
You might say I have a slightly bipolar reaction to the bright and bubbly. A bright good morning and a sunny demeanour will sometimes elicit elation and other times be returned with a serve of 'What are you so happy about?' The interesting thing is that when you become one of these lovely, and terminally happily annoying people (see I'm doing it again), the world seems to open up and throw a few more opportunities your way.
If you put your opportunity shoes on there's a way to turn any situation around.
  • A broken foot - Might be a great opportunity to take a break from house work (I somehow doubt it)
  • A confrontation with a colleague - Might be a great opportunity to practice your conflict resolution skills (Or your Jedi mind tricks)
  • Nothing on TV tonight - There's never anything on TV. That's a really good opportunity buy a Playstation 
  • A dead end in your current career path - Could be just the opportunity you needed to explore greener pastures
When you make your next move, do it with positivity and with your opportunity shoes on. Almost guaranteed to improve the outcome.
Please note: Nothing is guaranteed except death, taxes and the irritability of people discussing politics.