11 June 2011

Stress Bunny

Stress Bunny
I promise I'm not going to buy into the paranoia of the matrix or evil alien cloning techniques. But have you ever noticed that there are people you encounter in this life who display remarkably similar behaviours? 
My pet group this week is one we shall dub the "Stress Bunny". Perpetually busy. Frantic in their efforts to maintain the level at which you couldn't possibly understand how many things they have to do in a short space of time. Of course none of which, including elephant tap dancing lessons are optional.
Now apart from being mildly to moderately annoying the "Stress Bunny" can have quite a serious effect on those around them. The first of which are those incredibly agitated people at the grocery store. Calm down! You're buying milk not competing for the last loaf of bread in the developed world. The second real concern is in the workplace.
Stress breeds stress. A completely relaxed person placed in a room with a stress bunny may find themselves irrationally irritated and as cynical as a 15 year old reality TV star.
When you find one person in the workplace going postal worker, devil face, crazy with stress, you will often find an entire team suffering the consequences.
So how do you put out the fire in somebody else's stress engine?
The first thing to do is to realise you're not the one that's stressed. You're a Jamaican bobsled team on holidays. Take a deep breath. The second is to take the AA approach. Accept the things you cannot change. Third. Work like a bomb technician. Approach slowly. No sudden movements. No loud noises. Fourth. It is unlikely that you can directly affect somebody else's stress level by your own behaviour. However, if you can work out a way to bottle the energy that a stress bunny generates/ wastes... CALL ME! We'll go into business!!!