21 June 2011

Fire Up or Fire - The Great Motivational Debate

Fire Up or Fire - The Great Motivational Debate
While studiously reading the other day, (please hold your comments until the end) I came across a fascinating theory on motivation. So contrary to almost everything else I've read on the subject, the theory argues that to motivate is actually a demeaning act. To motivate implies that the person you intend to influence does not have the drive, enthusiasm or competence to complete a task themselves.
Now while I found it pretty funny in an 'Oh no they didn't' kind of way, it actually got me thinking. Do we invest too much time and energy into firing up ourselves, our employees, our family members when we should just fire?
  • Fire the employer who isn't willing to invest in your development
  • Fire the employee who doesn't seem to quite fit 
  • Fire the child's tap dancing instructor - Seriously - You know they don't want to go as much as you don't want to take them
If you choose the Fire up approach rather than the Fire, here are my five, friendly if not helpful suggestions.
  1. 'Do it, or be fired from a cannon!' If you choose to use the carrot and the stick approach, make sure the stick is big and covered in sharp objects 
  2. Mars Bars and Beer. So it's socially unacceptable to supply junk food. Doesn't change the fact that it's delicious.
  3. Reinforce the positive instead of punishing the negative. You desired result is a positive association with a certain task.
  4. Write a list. Do it together, do it in a group, but most importantly do it in bright, colourful permanent markers.
  5. Live it, Love it or leave it. If you do or do not practice what you preach, the people around you will notice.
Are you ready to hit the fire button?
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