18 September 2012

Is the sky falling? How to judge what’s really happening as opposed to what Bob said.

Is the sky falling? How to judge what’s really happening as opposed to what Bob said.

I was planning to take my sarcastic shoes off to give you some genuine advice, but at the end of the day it's a long way to the ground and there's Velcro involved. So instead I plan to write it as normal and for you to dodge the sarcasm like traffic cones on the highway. Stay with me.

When you find yourself in the position where Chicken Little is yelling in your ear it can be very difficult to hear the truth behind the hype. Is your mine struggling to make ends meet? Are commodity prices going to rise or fall? Are you in danger of redundancy? Is your dog plotting to take over the world while you're at work?

The most important thing to realise is that as soon as you allow this thinking to take hold you are under stress. Stress impairs your judgement. Make yourself a cup of tea and follow these 5 steps to testing the stability of your personal sky.

  1. Send your questions as high up the chain as you can go. It's more likely that they have the answers you seek.
  2. Talk the calmest person on site. They either know something you don't or they have a level head and an even temperament. Either way, call them your new best friend.
  3. Be honest about your concerns but not dramatic. Your emotions won't help your plight.
  4. Don't believe what the media say above what you know from working in the company. That's like asking your neighbour if your wife is mad at you.
  5. Is the grass greener? You won't know unless you ask. Have a chat to your friends in the industry. Give Stealth a call and ask us "Is there any work going for somebody with my experience?" We'll always go with the honest approach.

The good news?

  • You're now one step ahead. You have a plan in place. Being organised and hard working are traits that are in your favour.

Serious shoes.If you do not know it for a fact, don't share it as if it is one. People will believe your opinion of how your company is performing and your negativity will negatively impact the company as a whole. Don't talk yourself out of job.

If you are sitting in a positive place and would like to see if the grass is greener, give us a call. We're happy to give you the bird's eye view.

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