10 December 2013

Contractor Season - Do you need HollyDay cover?

Contractor Season - Do you need HollyDay cover? Contractor Season - Do you need HollyDay cover?

It's now well into the festive season and everybody except you has some amazing holiday to Bora Bora planned. Do you need a contractor to fill a short term void? - an employee resignation left a gap? - a difficult role to fill? Don't want a full agency recruitment fee? 


At Stealth Recruitment, we supply both technical and contract mining professionals on a temporary and permanent basis.

The benefits of hiring a contractor are numerous, so here are 6 reasons:

  1. Don't stretch your budget or resources too thin. Take on a contractor when a project requires someone skilled in a certain discipline for a short / determined timeframe.
  2. Contractors can move quickly! Contractors are hired to specialise in one thing as opposed to your permanent "all-rounder" staff responsibilities. They hit the ground running and can move quickly to achieve desired outcomes.
  3. New contractor not working out? We all know it's a big investment taking on permanent employees. If a contractor isn't working out, then you can part ways with minimal fuss or obligation.
  4. Save your HR team & Line Managers time. It's doesn't take long to onboard a contractor while your search for a permanent employee continues.
  5. Spongebob squarepants! Bringing in a contractor with a specialised skill set can up-skill your current employees - they can sponge off these short term, specialised contractors and everyone benefits.
  6. Overheads are reduced.  Hire a contractor for a specific purpose and you reduce your costs in payroll, expenses and employee benefits (e.g annual and sick leave)! Stealth take on these 

We currently have a range of professionals seeking contract opportunities in the following disciplines:

- Mine Geologists (open pit and U/G) - up to Managers.
- Exploration / Project / Resource Development Geologists - up to Managers
- Resource Geologists
- Structural Geology 
- Geophysicists - they do exist! 
- Mining Engineers (Grads through to Mining /Operations/Resident/General Managers)
- Surveyors
- Geotechnical Engineers
- Metallurgists / Process Engineers

So what are you waiting for?

Finding a role hard to fill? Take on a contractor through Stealth!

Give us a call today!


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