10 December 2013

You're Elfing Yourself

Let me set the scene for you. You're at your desk, you're in the car, you're in the grocery store, you're walking the dog, you're out to dinner with friends, you're washing the dishes. And all the while, you're Elfing yourself.

Now Santa, he's a smart man. And you want to know why? The man gets a lot of credit for his work. He's praised, worshipped (No really, some people think that Christmas is about the death of Santa) and appreciated as a larger man with a larger than life sense of generosity and Christmas spirit.

But you want to know what Santa really is? Santa is the old world equivalent of Amazon, Ebay or Target online shopping. No seriously, hear me out!

So a child makes a list of things they would like for Christmas, they send it to Santa…. And then he sends an elf to go off, make it, wrap it, organise the logistics and put it into the sleigh in the order that he needs to drop it off. So who really has all of the hard work here? It's the elves!

A thankless 365 day a year job (I'm assuming on leap years they have a day off) and at the end of the day, their achievements serve to make Santa look good. They are the bottom of the Christmas food chain, with no help from the outside world. The origin of outsourcing wrapped in an inordinate amount of tinsel.

Now while the team spirit is absolutely critical, delegation is also your best friend. So let's have a look at how you can make yourself less of an elf and more of a Santa in both your personal and professional lives.

In your personal life

  1. Ba Humbug and joy be with none... But do you really need to source the perfect present for your neighbours friend's dog? Keep a couple of generic presents wrapped in the house. If you receive an unexpected gift you are free to reciprocate and if you don't, feel free to spread Christmas cheer instead of the limits of your budget.
  2. Consider sharing the load. You're not superman or woman and you don't have to be. Could you have some help with the cleaning, the lawns or the school drop off and still be awesome? Yes. Yes you could.
  3. Stop buying clothes that need to be ironed every time you wash them. Life is just too short.

In your professional life

  1. Team players, we adore you. But if you're consistently mocking your own job description by trying to cram more things into it, you need to reconsider what you're doing and why. Don't Elf yourself! Let someone know you need help.
  2. Is credit due? Don't be afraid to be proud of your accomplishments. There is a lot of literature about Santa and not enough about elves. Start being proud of your success and other people will join in.
  3. Are you an Elf with a plan? If you are still working your way up the ladder (And most of us are in some way shape or form) make sure you are achieving what is critical in your own role before you look to make your move. The further up the ladder you climb the more responsibility you have. Being lower on the food chain when you have less experience is one of the greatest blessings you can ask for. Who wants to be Santa on Christmas morning with a broken down sleigh? 

Stop Efling yourself! You're human. You can't do everything and you can't do everything at once. Here at Stealth we hear your plight. And this Christmas we are wishing you peace, quiet time and a team of helpers with outfits as well coordinated as Santa's elves. Because that's what you deserve.

Merry Christmas!