14 May 2013

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - May 2013

Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - May 2013

I remember going to a seminar years ago and listening to some pompous American in a suit telling us all about how Australia was a unique environment to run a business in. He made several long winded statements and wrote aggressively on a couple of whiteboards before stating that the most important thing to remember about the Australian consumer is that they're not easily baffled by Bullshit.

I thought about that for a minute before I decided he was probably right. I hadn't listened to a word he'd said for the last two hours and I do believe that he'd sell his grandmother if he thought he could make a profit. So all in all, his BS about honesty and familial connection hadn't baffled me so much as bored me to tears and developed my long harboured desire to throw rotten fruit.

The one interesting thought I took from the two hours this man stole from my life has been on shaky ground this week. Are proud Australians becoming as easy to BS as the rest of the world?

Let me present my disturbing evidence to the jury.

Exhibit A: People continue to believe the lines that rogue recruiters are selling them about the company wanting their identity to be kept secret. BS! If you are putting your details forward to a company you have every right to know who they are.

Exhibit B: Despite copious warning signs, hundreds of thousands of people seem to believe that politicians will uphold every promise that they make. BS! And also near imposssible considering the number of conflicting promises they seem to make.

Exhibit C: "Mining is just the same as any other industry. Skills are interchangable and it's easy to learn." Clearly announced by somebody on the outside.

Exhibit D:   Clearly it's not butter. Even the packaging gives you a hint.

Do you have a finely tuned and highly Australian (his definition not mine) BS detector? How has it helped you out this week? 

Today's pet hate? People in customer service roles who clearly dislike customers and service. I mean, you had to know what you were getting yourself into. It's written into your title!