14 May 2013

I Can Put an Ad on Seek Myself

I Can Put an Ad on Seek Myself

A shout out to every client who has recently found themselves uttering the phrase, "I can put an Ad on Seek myself".

I don't doubt this is true. They're not a particularly exclusive club to belong to. But congratulations none the less.

Now let's look a little deeper.

If what you're implying is that all your recruitment partner does for you is put an Ad on Seek and send you everyone who applies then… Wow. Didn't your mother ever teach you to be selective in the company you keep? A recruiter who solely advertises and sends is a service that you can do without. I back you in this 100%

On the subject though, you WILL NOT get the same applicants as a recruitment company would. If you and your recruiter post exactly the same ad, you will receive different applicants. To hazard a guess as to why you need a psychology degree and a French cat. Don't ask questions just roll with me.

If active advertising is your only method of attracting candidates then you are MISSING OUT!

Let me make an assumption that you're a fantastic employee. You're good and what you do, loyal punctual, energetic, forward thinking… You know what? I'd like to hire you. Now I've put an Ad on Seek and in the past hour it's slipped to 435th spot. Have you checked Seek today to know that I want to hire you? Of course not!Good candidates are most often gainfully employed.

But I use LinkedIn too!

That's fantastic. Call 10 friends and ask them if their LinkedIn account is up to date. If they say yes, ask them how they would respond to an offer to apply to a role through LinkedIn. The general response to approaches through LinkedIn falls into one of three categories in my experience:

  1. Wow! How proactive and kind. I'd love to work for you.
  2. Who are you? You're creeping me out.
  3. Stop asking me if I want a new job!!!!!! Postal worker #85830


External service providers who will work with you to provide the best possible candidates are an amazing resource that you should never hesitate to use. SERVICE being the operative word, ensure that you're receiving it

When seeking a recruitment partner to strengthen your recruitment process (not overrule, undermine, go around or any other orientation based activity), here are some critical questions to ask:

  1. Why do you believe you will have more success in attracting candidates in this role than we will?
  2. What roles similar to this have you filled in the past?
  3. What information do you share with potential candidates about our company? How do you represent our company, culture, benefits, financial position, viability?
  4. Why do you want to work with us as a company as opposed to our competitors?
  5. What makes you qualified to work on this role?

Don't be frustrated with companies who give you the same candidates you can get yourself. Vote with your feet and choose someone who provides you with the service you deserve.

And on a personal note, please don't lump all recruitment companies in the same category. I don't want to sit with the pushy, arrogant brats of the recruitment world any more than you do.

Are you seeking the services of a recruitment professional? Give us a call and be sure to have some questions ready.