20 April 2015

9 Common Off The Plan Property Myths... Deunked


Buying Off The Plan

9 common off the plan property myths…debunked!

Property is an interesting sector. It attracts lots of different people with different opinions on all sorts of different fundamentals and products.

One of the many contentious areas property commentators like to widely (and loudly) debate is Off The Plan (OTP) apartment investing.

Interestingly, many vocal opponents of OTP products will readily admit that property is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. What suits one investor's goals, strategies and circumstances, will not necessarily align with another's.

But then they reel off lists of problems investors face when purchasing an OTP development as though this sector of the market is somehow different than all others, in that it's completely generic.

Of course this couldn't be further from the truth. Like all other markets within markets, there's the good, the bad and everything in between when it comes to OTP apartments.

Just as every established, inner city dwelling doesn't make for a prime piece of real estate with excellent investment potential; some OTP stock within major city centres won't necessarily net investors astonishing returns.

As with all other sub-sectors of the housing market however, there's a lot of quality, investment grade OTP apartment stock to be found.

Boutique complexes with spacious, light filled floorplans boasting quality design and architecturally distinct facades are emerging across popular urban fringe neighbourhoods near our major city markets.

These are the 'myth buster' apartments that showcase how and why medium to high-density living is being more widely embraced by both owner-occupiers and tenants in Australia.

Inspired by this new wave of iconic OTP development, we felt inclined to do some myth busting of our own. So from the true experts, immersed in the OTP apartment market every day, here are nine of our favourites…

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