Do you find yourself in Brisbane by happy circumstance? Keen to share a drink with someone who shares your passion for rocks?

Learn more about GeoPub, Brisbane.

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Oustanding Property Investment Opportunites - Brisbane

Rock On is about more than just mining! We also offer you valuable advice and deals from the professionals we trust. Property Portfolio is a specialist property management agency. Brisbane-based Property Portfolio provide a positive management solution unique within the industry.

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Surefleet - $63 Fully Maintained Vehicles

$63 a day fully maintained vehicle special inside. At Surefleet, we specialise in providing vehicles to the resources, infrastructure, utilities and government sectors. Our vehicle fleet ranges from standard passenger and commercial vehicles through to vehicles that are fully equipped and mine or site compliant.

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Stock Broking Tips from the Experts

Stockbroking Tips and Tricks from the experts, free for RockOn Subscribers. Learn more with Sentinnel. - Sentinel offers a complete range of stockbroking services over Australian listed shares and derivatives. It is our specialisation and focus on Australia's largest ASX-listed 'Blue Chip' companies which sets us apart from other stockbrokers and investment advisers.

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State of Play

An update on the types of jobs that Stealth Recruitment have available within the mining industry at the beginning of November 2014. With 1,810 placements since commencement in June 2009, thats 27 / per month, we keep our ear to the ground for both our candidates and our clients to make sure we match the right people to the right positions!

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Contracting and Payroll Services

Stealth Recruitment are committed to delivering you an exceptional service both from a career and payroll management perspective. We provide a highly professional and efficient online payroll service on behalf of our clients, making the recruitment process hassle free. Today we explore the possibilities and how Stealth Recruitment can help.

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Meercats and Mining – Are we one and the same?

I get "out and about" a fair bit and was recently in Melbourne for the IMARC & RIU Conferences - oh and conveniently to see Hawthorn go back to back!! It seems the mining industry in recent times has an uncanny likeness and closely mirrors the behaviours of meercats!

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